Bedside Table Ideas

We all have one of these in our homes, a small white cabinet.
Whether it is next to our beds or stuck somewhere in a corner in our bedroom.
It is one of those things that we can either just forget about as it is
piled under with lots of random stuff.
Or we can make the most of it and style it up so that it can become
more of a feature in our bedrooms.
So, here are three simple ways to style up your old white cabinet. 
Handy Tip: Do not go out to buy brand new things, try and have a look around the house for cute little things or go for a hunt around your local charity shops for great finds that you like and will fit into your decor style. 
Look One: Go for simple uncomplicated items like; 
1) a candle 
2) a catch-all tray 
3) flowers 
4) something quirky/ or fun to add interest 
Our bedroom should be a place that is free of clutter so when styling or incorporating a decor look/style into our bedrooms keep it clean,
simple and uncluttered.
This look is perfectly uncluttered the white sets off beautifully against the glass elements of the candle and the mini glass vase and together it creates a clean and calming effect. The pink roses add color and compliments the white as well as the gold pieces, creating a nice contrast among the colors and the pieces on the cabinet. 
Handy tip: DIY your own catch -all tray 
I found these black and white serviettes in my local Dealz the black and white pattern is very modern and popular in decor looks.
I had a old gold photo frame, I simply just cut a piece of the serviette to size and placed it inside the frame and replaced the back and the glass and viola a diy catch -all tray.It looks great and will go well with any decor accessories  and give it a modern and stylish look and feel.
Look Two: Again staying with the minimal and clean look with small hints of color. I opted for white and blue with a slight touch of pink. 
This time I used a vintage side plate as a tray. Something that you might already have in your kitchen cabinet or have a look around your charity shop for great finds. 
Keeping with the floral theme I  used a white photo frame I found in Dealz,
placed in it a floral print with a navy blue background which complemented the blue in the plate. The glass vase I just upcycled with some Pink washi tape from Tiger that is a softer pink then the pink of the flowers in the print. And finished off the look with a cute white angel. Bring in hints of color to break an all white look because you want to keep things minimal but not to stark.
Look One and Two will be perfect for a bedside look as it is right next to your bed, and this is the one place you want keep things calm and uncluttered, to ensure you get a good night's sleep 
Look Three: I went for a bit more color, which would look great as corner feature in your bedroom. As it has a bit more vibrancy and character to brighten and liven up a dull corner space.
The main feature is the gold leaf canvas, that I painted myself and turned
out to be a create vocal point with the pink, blue and the gold of the canvas.
Creating contrast and touch of vibrancy to brighten the room.
I paired it with candle, from Penney's and a succulent plant in vintage mini jug, in a darker blue shade then that in the canvas, from the charity shop, a pink ceramic  pot also from the charity shop,that is more of a dusty pink and goes well with the color of the candle holder. I finished the look off with a clay finger pot, which I made myself and painted the same blue as the blue in the canvas with the inside painted a dusty pink. Which is lighter than the other pinks but still fits in. I incorporated the pieces, using the color scheme from the canvas. 
Handy tip: Use your color scheme of your main piece to bring in all the other color elements. Try using contrasting but complimenting colors in all the other accessories because your color pieces do not necessarily have to match but can be within the same color family.  
The best part of styling any item in your room is to have fun with it.Try and incorporate pieces and colors that you like. But at the same time will not be busy for your bedroom as you want this space to be a centre of calm. 
Handy tip: group items in pairs of three as it creates balance and add vintage or quirky pieces to create interest.  

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