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5 Steps to give your bedroom more character

We are not all decorating guru's but that does not mean that we can not have a Pinterest worthy bedroom. Especially when all it takes, is a few small changes to revamp your drab bedroom into something a bit more glam, full of character and personality.
Step One: Create a mood board 
This is how you find inspiration, it will help you to figure out how you want your room to look. Gather images from magazines or Pinterest that you look and stick them somewhere you can see it.  Also add to your mood board, the fabrics, colors, textures, furniture, and accessories that you see working in your space. 
Step Two: Pick your color scheme
Start with a neutral palette and then add pops of color. Try it in different color schemes to see which ones you like best and feel will work for your space.
If you are not a fan of bold color on your walls then keep them white and add color through wall prints or throw cushions.
These are great elements to add color as they are interchangeable and can be changed seasonally.
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Step Three: Incorporate texture and pattern 
Adding texture and pattern allows you to show your personality.
So whether you love polka dots, stripes or wood, glass or metal. Add these elements in the combination that you love and have fun with it.
Step Four: Pick that attention grabbing piece
This has to be something that will put a smile on your face everytime you walk into your room or makes your BFF gasp with air because it is just so WOW and glam. So choose something that you really love. Whether it is a really awesome headboard or art just make sure that it is something that makes you go WOW every time you look at it. 
Step 5: Add personal touches
These are all those elements with sentimental value. A gift from your BFF, boyfriend, or something vintage you got from your gran. If you love it, find a place for it. It's those special personal touches that will pull the rooms personality together.  

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