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Fresh Flowers To Brighten

We are still deep in the clutches of winter, which means lots of dark, cold and gloomy days and this can be very depressing which is not good for mind, body and soul.

Brighten-up your morning breakfast with a beautiful vase of Tulips. They can last for up to 8 days without adding flower food and looks pretty  in a clear glass vase. 


Handy tip: Upcycle a old glass coffee or sauce jar and turn it into a flower vase. Clean off the label by soaking in warm soapy water, add a colored ribbon and viola, you got a simple yet chic vase.

Beautiful roses, you can add a bunch in any color or your favourite shade in every room come in a variety of colors and everyone has their favorite shade.

Display them in clear of colored small vases, all over your home for a sweet smelling fragrance and a gorgeous morning mood enhancer.

Gypsy baby's breath, I love these petite flowers and although they are normally used as part of a bouquet. I simply love them on their own in a clear glass vase for a slightly bohemian touch in my bedroom 

Liven and brighten things up with a beautiful bouquet of your favourite flowers and make them the focal piece in your living room or bedroom for blooming winter.


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