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How to decorate above your sofa

Buying a sofa can be costly and time consuming. We put a lot of time, energy and money into finding just the right sofa.  But now that you have found the right sofa and the right placement for it. How do we make it a focal point in our living room? 

 1) We decorate above it: Creating a gallery wall above our sofa creates something more interesting, than staring at a boring plain white wall. So hanging an eclectic mix of prints creates an eye-catching focal point. A gallery wall also frames, creates balance and grounds your sofa. 


2) Make it pop: By mixing and matching throw pillows in different styles and prints you are making your sofa shine. While at the same time elevating your living room decor.  

So come on, what are you waiting for !! We have all the tools to help you turn your sofa into a talking point. #turnheads #decor 


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