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How to organise your desk and keep it tidy

Did you know that a clean and uncluttered workspace can contribute to your productivity and concentration? Things just get done faster if you know where everything is and you do not have to spend hours looking for a single piece of paper or pen.

So if you are sick and tired of your untidy cluttered desk then we have 3 tips for you to organise and keep your desk tidy. 

1. Start with clearing everything of your desk 

Sort everything in piles of; 

What is important, these are files and items you need and are vital to your daily work. 

What you can bin, this can be old fliers, scraps of paper and any random item, that you can not remember where you got it or just do not need. 

Be sure to immediately get rid of these items, so, that you do not hang onto them any longer

Once you have all your piles then get to work, first give your desk a wipe and a good polish. A shiny desk makes everything feel new and fresh. 

2. Get organising 

Try and figure out where you want everything so, that it is close at hand, for when you need it . Small changes like reordering items on your  desk will give your workspace a new and update look and give you that extra kick to get things done faster and make your day more productive. 


Try our these; 

Keep all your files together with the Stainless steel single Tier file rack, available in black and white for a clean stylish look.


Keep your very important file safe and secure in the super cute A4 file bags,not only will they keep your files safe they will also be a give your desk some #style  and color.



If you are always losing pens and stationary then keep them all in one place in these handy and versatile canvas baskets.


Now for all the small things, or the things you keep on losing like your keys or glasses the Ceramic jewellery dishes are just what you need. 


We all want to get things done effectively and efficiently and a tidy and organised desk will help us do that. So take 20 minutes out of your day to get your workspace in order and you will see the change it will bring to running your business or finishing that new or old project. 

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