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Make it yourself

I love adding little handmade items to my home because it just makes the space feel more personal. This can be small things from upcycled frames to glass bottles. Anything I can find and recycle and turn into a decor accessory.

I love a touch of gold as it adds a flair of glam to any space. So, my make for the weekend was a gold photo frame and it was super easy and quick to make. 

I popped into my local charity shop for the frame and bought the gold paper at my local Eason's. 

All you need to do; 

1) clean your frame 

2) measure and cut out your paper strips 

3) scrunch up the paper strips 

4) Apply decoupage glue with your sponge brush 

5) Place strips on frame neatly 

6) You are done, clean the glass and put in it a print you like. 

I love the Hello print and thought the navy blue and gold complemented the frame beautifully. 

Now it is your turn, turn any old frame that you can find laying around and turn it into something new. 


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