Prints and Patterns at Play

Soft furnishings, like throw pillows are the best and easiest way to have fun, playing with prints and patterns in your living room or bedroom spaces. They are affordable and can be changed with the seasons or your mood.

Give your home a burst of color and pattern with the Good Vibes, throw pillow case from our Color Burst Collection.  


Too much prints or patterns in your living spaces can be overwhelming so using a variety of throw pillows will allow you to ease into it mixing prints and patterns. 

So layering your throw pillows in a variety of prints and patterns is a good starting point and will help you to get more comfortable with different prints and patterns. 

Add contrast to your sofa cushion collection with our scallop and geometric pattern covers. 

Scallop Pattern 


Break patterns and prints with solid colors that are complementary to the print or pattern in your throw pillows.  

If you like something a bit more retro chic, then why not go for our Retro Glam collection.  


Browse through our collection and start having fun with prints and pattern. 

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